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Madonna with Ellen

Saw Madonna on Ellen the other day. It was nice to see her again. I wasn't a fan of  her new song or the outfit her stylist suggested, it seemed to fit her in a strange way. I guess she's exploring new possibilities. Good for her.

Bitter:Sweet - Our Remains

I thought I had already added this to my blog, though I can't find it. So if its this is a duplicate ... its time to hear it again. LOVE this song!!!



Yes, this is the subject we need MORE of in the world. Love the upbeat and topic of this song.

This so much great pop music in the past few years - very danceable.

Uptown Funk

When I heard this song I loved it immediately - so 1980's Disco (which I also love).

So many references to the past too :~)

Techno Jazz w/Derek & Kellie

As you can tell I like Dancing With The Stars. A show with no crime except for not wearing enough clothes. This is one of my favorite dances of the Spring 2013 season.

Funny Gangnam Style Group Dance

The 'all-star' season (isn't every season all stars ???) of Dancing w/The Stars featured this dance & its hilarious!

G w/K - Somebody I Used To Love

Gotye featuring Kimbra is the new Northern Soul sound ... just won the Grammy for this song this year .
Its a very strange video, I warn you. Tend to like Kimbra's music more, but really like this song.

PO - April Fool

Love Patrick O'Hearn's upbeat song, its very similar to William Orbits Youngblood song, but different.

PO - Upon The Wings of Night

Patrick O'Hearn's Introspective soothing journey via the horn.

RB - A Story From The Rain

Richard Burmer has another introspective piece that's soothing & inspiring at the same time. Gives me goosebumps!

OS - Dance of Angels

LOVE this mix of Jazz & New Age ... Its my favorite from Norwegian Oystein Sevag.

SV - The Ascent: Parts 1 & 2 from Digital Planet

Steve Verity plays the MIDI to create perfect astro inspired music. The video is a tribute to his album by centrosphere. Part 1 is my favorite .

Bollywood DWTS Style

This is one of the best dances by Giles & Peta 2012 All-Star Season.

Jacques & Julia Highlights

Here's a highlight reel of some of their funnier moments together. I love this show, they were a great match!

GI Joe Takes Midge for a spin

So now you know what they've been doing when you weren't around ;~)

Syncopated Changes!

This is one of my most FAVORITE songs. I LOVE the music and how it intertwines within itself AND has excellent lyrics as well.

Yes from 90125

Introspective 3 Spirals

This song is so piercing & hypnotic ... Love It!

Peter Maunu from the album 'A Warm Sound in a Gray Field'.


Ahhhh, I finally found it. The soft cuddly companion:

Armchair Driving Is Fun too ...

This guy is one deep sleeper. That dog is a great driver ... what do you think?

Dogs LOVE trucks ... Especially when they're driving ...

This is an oldie and goodie:

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